First build your access installer, Making sure to select the “Mac/Linux (.sh)” option

For this example my installer is named “ConnectWiseControl.Clientsetup (1).sh”

Your installer may be named slightly different.

Using winSCP I connected to the Ubuntu Server and placed the ScreenConnect client setup file in the home directory

Now ssh into the server

Make your life easier and elevate yourself as root

sudo -i

Now navigate to your user home directory, or wherever you placed the file.

cd /home/”yourusernamehere”

Make sure your file is there

Take permission of the file by running chmod

chmod +x "yourfilename"

Now run the file


You will get an error message after running the file. This is normal.

We now need to run the apt fix command

apt --fix-broken install

Now update everything

sudo apt update && apt upgrade –y

Now reboot

sudo reboot

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