Dell has a simple and easy way to automatically update all firmware on your server.

First reboot your server

Wait till you see the options in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Press F10 to enter the Lifecycle Controller

Once in the Lifecycle Controller, press the “Get the Latest firmware

Select “Network Share (CIFS or NFS or HTTP or HTTPS Server)

Now press Next

A box will pop saying that you have not configured a network for the Firmware Update.

Press Yes

Select a NIC that is plugged into your network, for my example I am selecting one of my QLogic 10 GIG ports.

Either enter a static IP or change the IP Address Source to DHCP

Press Finish

If you get a Success box you setup the network successfully.

Side Note: These network settings do not interfere with your OS settings, this is just a temporary setting while updating.

Press OK

It will now take you back to the Firmware Update screen.

Double check that “Network Share (CIFS or NFS or HTTP or HTTPS Server)” is still selected

Press Next

Under “Select the Network Share”

Select HTTPS

It should automatically fill in the URL. If not, enter the address

Press Next

This part can take some time, be patient. It is reaching out to the dell URL.

A warning box will pop up, this is normal.

Press Yes

It will now search for new firmware that is available for your dell server.

This part can take some time.

Once it is done searching for firmware, it will take you to the update screen.

It will automatically select any firmware you need, I do NOT suggest manually checking any boxes.

Press Apply

It will now download any updates that were available for your server

It will now install any updates your server had downloaded. DO NOT restart or shutdown your server.

This part can take a long time, BE PAITENT. When it is done installing, it will automatically reboot the server.

Once the server restarts it will automatically go back into the Lifecycle Controller.

Press the Exit button in the top right hand corner.

Press Yes

The server will now reboot and load into any OS on your server.

If you made it this far, you have successfully updated all the firmware on your server. If you have any comments type them below and I will try to get back to you with an answer.

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